Gemini – Moonstone


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Geminis are all about perspectives. They like to analyze things from every direction. This energy brings in a lot of ideas, but also brings indecisiveness, which can lead to overwhelming emotions. Rainbow moonstone is a crystal that represents the energy of the moon, it helps in accepting a wide range of emotions without being overwhelmed.

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MBM Crystals ~ Accessories with a Purpose
Bringing intentional jewelry to popularize the concepts of healing and energies with crystals.
Neelam Naseeb, is the Founder and CEO at MBM CRYSTALS and she also runs MISHI BLUE TAROT. As the founder, her vision is to make crystals a part of everyone’s wardrobe and to make spirituality simple for all.

Affirmation By Neelam: I accept myself with love

Care Instructions-
1. Don’t wear it while taking a shower and working out.
2. If you are uncomfortable while sleeping , put it under your pillow
3. Show it some sunlight for 2-5 mins only once in a month to keep it energized.


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